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Lakefront Homes

What is a Stop & Waste Valve, is Sugarloaf a good area, his impression of “winter being the busiest time here”, rentals and how to get around the County restrictions by converting a sleeping area of an attic, who the owners of our ski areas are, what is a Maltby cabin, how much snow do we usually get, how many homes do we have on the market, how many are priced at over 1 million?

This list goes on. I know the answers to all of these questions. THAT is my value.

We know the neighborhoods, we know what happens here, year round, we have the answers to your questions. I have a key to just about every listing here in town.

After these guys met with me, his buyer asked if he could call me for questions. One of the number one rules every good Realtor should follow, “Don’t sell outside of your expertise area!” If you don’t know the product, how can you advise your client?

Bear Loop

We have lived in Big Bear full time since 2002. Part time before that starting in 1998. Not knowing what you need to know to sell Big Bear can cost your clients money. Freezing temperatures can cost you thousands in repairs if you do not prepare.

You do want an agent that will be here for you when you need them, don’t you? Not one who calls up the listing agent and asks us to show your client our listing, not be there for home inspections, not check on progress of repairs requested, not know how to protect your investment wisely from the elements – all because they don’t want to drive up and down our mountain roads AGAIN.

Even after your escrow closes, what if you forgot to turn your heat off or more importantly, you forgot to turn off your water? Who ya gonna call? Your BIG BEAR REALTORS!

– Nancy & Bill Wyatt