State of Real Estate in Big Bear?

State of Real Estate in Big Bear as of April 20th, 2019

Here’s is your latest information;

373 active residential, not including 12 out of area
13 condos
1 manufactured home
Bottom 10 priced homes $125K – $150K
Top listed at $3.2 million with 45 homes priced above a million

For the week ending 4/20/2019 we find;

30 new listings
33 went backup
21 went pending
22 went sold.

Looking at inventory in perspective;

Low for 2019 was March 21st at 335 active.
High for 2019, so far, was April 13th at 380 active residentials.
Last year the Big Bear Real Estate market (April 22nd, 2018) had 353 active residential listings. What should we expect in the near future? I base my projection on last year. For May 5th, 2018, we had 404 active residential listings.

2019 is going to be a great year for real estate and a great year for Big Bear Resort Living Real Estate. To those who wear them, hang on to your hats!